The issue of copyright with musicians and artists today is difficult. VAULT is fairly unique as a music project, and hosting material from a number of musicians, including my own, but also from others who have long fallen out of touch, ensures that this is more complex. At the time of writing, material from VAULT is being planned to appear on two different films, again from myself and different artists. As its Director, the administration of copyright is highly important to me, but still a puzzling problem and one that demands a variety of perspectives to solve.

Although most records in the collaboration days (2010-2013) had a regular lineup of myself and others, some reocrds would also feature the occasional cameo from another who would only appear once or twice and then disappear. "Troll" on Virginia, "Indial" on Demikhov's Haunt, and "Flood" on One, are such examples, and most of these artists are difficult - if not impossible - to now contact.

There are a number of other factors to deal with. For instance, work from VAULT may be used in a commercial, ie. the material may be used for profit. It may also be used in a non-commercial film. It may also be remixed - that material may also be remixed. These remixes may also appear on an independent record label, on compilations with other remixes. As you can see, keeping track of what is actually going on is not as straightforward as one may imagine. Add other musicians, and my own commercial project which includes some of my own work under VAULT, and copyright can suddenly become extremely blurred.

There are a number of rules about VAULT which have helped to simplify all this, to protect and encourage aritsts who have before and even recently worked on a VAULT project, and I've compiled the following to help myself and the other causal musicians and ex-musicians who may again stumble upon their own work being used, years after being submitted to me.


All material under VAULT is free for distribution and sharing on a non-commercial basis.


Do not use material without permission. Contact me or the artist for permission.


All material is free to be hosted on any medium I choose. You may withdrawn your consent and work at any time.

As more and more of us become publishers, as well as consumers of media, trying to write a full and completely comprehensive list of copyright policies and rules is downright impossible, let alone feasible; the evolution of media and the dollar-eyed legal system will currently ensure that no plan is bulletproof in this aspect. Clear difficulties can be suggested between the meaning of Audience, Publiser, and Artist alike, and most if not all participants of VAULT are all three, in some way.

This confusion however is quickly dispersed when you introduce the concept of money. The Audience does not profit, whereas the Artist and Publisher does. The general gist of it all is that whenever you are trying to use something to make money, and do not give credit, you are technically stealing. So, in other words, I promise not to sell music without permission, and trust that the audience will not, either. Though considering how unknown this project is, it's highly unlikely!

Finally, material is protected as above and under Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). See the Creative Commons page on this.

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