Endedge is a personal collection of music pieces created between 2000 to 2008, and consists of over 150 different songs and recordings, divided over 15 records and arrangements. The vast majority is demo quality and the quality of the recording is fairly poor. Some songs are incomplete, a few are live rehearsals without any preparation at all, and many songs have been lost over time. The style of these songs also drastically changes, ranging from rock, to metal, to industrial, ambient, electronica, experimental and so on.

In its very early days, Endedge (or branded "endEdge") began as a very casual band, working with a rotating door of different collaborators. In 2002 the project ended. In 2006 it began again, after recording a short demo, "Field of Blood". Between this period and 2008, the bulk of this collection was recorded. In 2007/8, I wrote "The Mist", the final record under Endedge, and decided to abandon this name, moving to "Leviathan" in 2008, "Suicide Forest" in 2009 and "Ritual" under VAULT in 2010. Two more very short projects "City of Dis" and "Black Reality" have been included in this, and are worth mentioning, even though they did not achieve anything more than the initial demos (although it was hoped that these projects would expand further, they did not continue).

As Endedge itself spands into quite literally almost days of music, what I have done is organised the recordings into different roughly defined sections, and take most of the more listenable pieces. Many of these songs were created very quickly and it is not always exactly clear when they were recorded. Although they usually formed part of an "album", some songs overlapped on projects, and many songs just seemed to fall through and end up not featuring anywhere at all. No CDs or official releases were ever made for these works - a few reached a personal myspace page, but as far as I know, none of this music has ever been distributed.

The work poured into this project was huge, and even though the guitar work, synthesisers, and even basic understanding of audio mixing is poor at best, it is a fairly impressive catalogue for an amateur. Broken guitar strings, you shall not be forgotten.

Entrance Port - 2000-2002

Songs from Entrance Port, Snow, In Limbo, Ache, Polygon Tree, and a few others. Electronica.

Field of Blood - 2006-2007

Songs from Field of Blood and Morpheus. Angry heavy rock songs.

Colony - 2007(?)

Songs from Colony, Academy, and Theef. Rock/metal songs.

Sacrifice - 2007(?)

Songs from Sacrifice. Rock songs.

Total Recall - 2008

Songs from Total Recall, and some works for a band. Rock and electronica.

Sleep - 2008

Songs from Sleep. Dreamcatcher is for DR. Rock and electronica.

The Mist - 2008

Songs from The Mist. As opposed to above, which are more compilations and session work, this is a full singular album. Ambient/Rock/Electronica.

Black Reality - 2009

Songs as Black Reality. An ambitious ambient project, cut very short sadly. Dark ambient.

City of Dis - 2010

Songs as City of Dis, again cut short. Grindcore.

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