Esther in Easter.

Esther in Easter is my first attempt as a hobby musician to sell music commercially. The music featured is purely ambient and dark ambient, and mostly work already released/published under VAULT. A few will be re-mastered and some material will be completely new.

The objective of this record is to create and publish 4 individual records which will be for sale through the standard channels of iTunes, Spotify, and familiar websites. Most songs will not be available unless purchased. New material will also require to be purchased. The records will be inexpensive and no more than $6-10, and will be limited to 60 minutes long. No material that is not personally mine will be sold (see my section on copyright for more info on this.

Again, this is only my first attempt to create budget music for sale. It's not supposed to be a drastic commercial venture; most material is already available for free anyway, and it is a little more for the sheer novelty of just releasing a commercial record. There are some differences, such as new and re-mastered music, but it is mostly the same.

The name "Esther in Easter" is a theme which explores of microcosm of reality. It is based on the idea of nihilism, which is the idea that nothing can truly be known or communicated. In this case, Esther lives in a reality, but cannot reach other realities, and thus cannot truly know another person or feel another experience other than the world she lives in. This world is completely alien, and cannot be seen, known or believed in.

The official website for Esther in Easter is expected to be launched in January 2016.

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