Suicide Forest.

Suicide Forest is a project which focused purely on creating songs which were based on a death metal approach. Made shortly before the time of VAULT, nearly all songs are very guitar and drum driven, and there are a few different arrangements of the songs produced.

Suicide Forest - "Torment"

Suicide Forest was the first record under this project. Most songs are very heavy and guitar-orientated. Death metal bands, such as Dying Fetus, Suffocation, and Origin were a strong influence.

Suicide Forest - "BELRASW"

BELRASW is the second Suicide Forest record under this project. It continued some of the same heavy metal sound, although some songs are a little lighter.

Black Garden - "Black Garden"

Black Garden is a different arrangement of Suicide Forest, but also contains songs that are a little lighter and closer to rock than heavy metal.

Suicide Forest - Unreleased

Works that never really reached any of the above records and ended up as floating demos.

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